What is the Browser App and how does it work?

The OneFundraise browser app is a proprietary application that we developed in-house to make fundraising much easier. Put simply, when you visit an online store, that has a partnership with OneFundraise, the browser app will make sure that you receive a percentage of your online purchase. So after you purchase from any of our participating online retailers, the app automatically records the transaction in your OneFundraise account. The best part about setting up the app is that you can set it and forget it. That way you will always have funds available when people ask for a donation or a charity calls on you for help.

At present, the app only works on Google chrome but we will be rolling it out to more browsers soon.

We also understand how important your privacy is so we want all our users to know that the app does NOT record or store any other data whatsoever. We can 100% guarantee this because we built it ourselves.